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left to right: Justin Gatlin, Tyson Gay, and CHARLES SILMON!!!!!

Top 3 competitors in the Men’s 100 meter dash in this years U.S. Championships athletics meet

Ok, so Charles Silmon (in yellow) is the guy that this post is about. As you probably know he’s from my  hometown, high school, etc.

Here’s a little story:
So my dad and I were at the Michael Johnson Classic at Baylor, one of my personal favorite meets to go to because it’s not too crowded, it’s right down the street, and I get to see some phenomenal athletes. Toward the middle of the meet my dad gets up to go to the concession stand, and me not wanting to miss any events decided to stay in the stands, well when he came back he says “Do you remember that guy Silmon? He ran for Waco High a few years back?” I replied “Of course he’s at TCU now he should be out here somewhere.” and my dad started laughing “I just met him!” For a second or two I honestly didn’t believe him but apparently Silmon recognized my dad’s “Waco Lions” visor he was wearing that day and introduced himself. I was so jealous, I went so far as to go to the concession stand and walk back (like 3 times) just to see if I could “run in to him.” Later on that evening he went on to win the men’s 200 meters. The point is, to me this guy is kind of a big deal and I’m hoping and praying things go well for him.

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